Alqueva Natural Theme Park

Introduction Alqueva Natural Theme Park

16 December, 2013

The government of Extremadura is allied with 45 companies and five municipalities for tourism to boost the ‘Theme Park Natural Alqueva’

This morning presented the “Theme Park Natural Alqueva”, a unique and innovative tourism project developed this year in the five Spanish towns of the “Lands of the Great Lake Alqueva” and has tended to concentrate all resources, services and travel agents the territory under this unique designation.

This is a project promoted by the Ministry of Public Works, Housing, Planning and Tourism in Extremadura, which has worked very hard this year 2013 and whose promotion is scheduled promoted for years. The Natural Alqueva Theme Park is the name that has been adopted to link all natural and cultural resources of a territory comprising the municipalities of Olivenza, Alconchel, Chels, Táliga and Villanueva del Fresno and under this formula, around three themes have been ordered and structured all resources providing a very attractive proposal for tourist consumption.

These five municipalities of the province of Clapper form a unique and rich space resources, both in quantity and quality and diversity of them. And in these municipalities can find the bull in their natural habitat, pasture, medieval castles, civil architecture and other vestiges of Portuguese heritage, Extremadura-Alentejo cuisine, birds of special value, great water activities on Lake Alqueva, active tourism, fishing, etc… In short, a relatively small area we found numerous choices of tourist enjoyment of various kinds.

The resources are grouped around three themes:

  • NATURAL ALQUEVA: includes all activities related to the natural environment, being able to perform activities in water, land and air.
  • ALQUEVA BULL AND DEHESA PASTURELAND: unique activities and Extremadura breeding bull in their natural habitat, pasture.
  • CULTURAL ALQUEVA: includes all the historical heritage of our people, the culture of two neighboring countries looking to the Great Lake Alqueva and its unique cuisine.

The Natural Alqueva Theme Park is a theme park use. It is a park that has the largest artificial lake in Europe (Great Lake Alqueva, a water depth of 250 km2) and has no roller coasters or ferris wheels, and other attractions… Nor has meant huge investments. The Natural Theme Park Alqueva is aligned with the principles of sustainability. It is based on our resources, the bull in the pasture, in castles, in birds, in water activities in our cuisine. That is the essence of this land and these people and this essence, our pasture, culture and traditions of our people is what we want to show and present the tourist under a singular formula enjoyment.

This Theme Park Natural Alqueva, the attractions are the companies that you are already located in these towns and we have a beautiful and unique activities. Tourist proposal is oriented primarily to families, although it can be viewed by all audiences.

Not surprisingly, the park has a very special family: Alqueva Family, a family pet composed Acorns (pork), Bravo (bull) GruSa (crane), Barb (fish) and Zampa (an otter). It is very likeable characters who accompany tourists in all activities and possibilities for enjoyment of the park. They are part of all promotional material, including an illustrated map that invites you to visit all the people and resources of the area, discovering all the attractions.

They have also designed a unique activity booklets (on culture, birds, gastronomy and pasture and bull) and a story in which the characters walking Alqueva in a very original way.

Opened the day by the Director General of Tourism, Elisa Parejo Cruz, has attended all institutions supporting the project, technical assistance-DIVERSITY formed by streamlines and more than 45 companies involved in the project. Were purposefully presented the work, all produced promotional and educational supports and all actions taken to form the Club Product, including a plan for the area tourist signs.

At the end of the day, the Minister has given the hallmarks of Alqueva Natural Theme Park to the companies.

From the Department of Development, Housing, Planning and Tourism Extremadura is considered that this project will very significantly improve the positioning of the destination. The proposal invited to visit the area and discover in depth, which will increase the number of tourists, their average cost, the average stay … and thus the economic activity of the Lands of the Great Lake Alqueva.

The Natural Alqueva Theme Park is an unprecedented initiative in the Spanish geography and structure ordering and all the tourist attractions of the territory, forming a joint, unique and attractive much more competitive than the sum of each of the actors involved proposal. The theme park is considered a joint work between the Government of Extremadura, other institutions and the private sector, which is building the real tourist economy of the region.

The Director stated that “Now more than ever, we must work unidios in one direction, and coordinated to optimize resources. Therefore, we believe this park will help us create a more coordinated, to avoid duplication of effort and ultimately to become a major destination with input from all” joint product.

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