Alqueva Natural Theme Park

The Alqueva family presents the activities and attractions of Park

16 December, 2013

The Alqueva family presents the activities and attractions of Alqueva Natural Theme Park

Bellotas, Bravo, Grusa, Barbo y and Zampa are pets of Alqueva Natural Theme Park. Will accompany all activities and possibilities of enjoyment of the Park. Can you see them in the area and all the companies that are part of the Park. They will show you, in a very pleasant and friendly manner, the core values ​​of the Park and share your entertainment and amusement as one of the family.

The range of activities of Alqueva Natural Theme Park is extensive. There are a thousand and one original proposals for leisure and experience firsthand the Alqueva Natural Theme Park experiences. Fun is guaranteed for all to enjoy and have created three thematic areas:

  • NATURAL ALQUEVA: Here you will find all the activities related to the natural environment, and can perform activities in water, land and air.
  • ALQUEVA BULL AND DEHESA PASTURELAND: Be amazed with unique activities and Extremadura breeding bull in the wild.
  • CULTURAL ALQUEVA: Discover the historical heritage of our people, the culture of two neighboring countries looking to the Great Lake Alqueva and its unique cuisine. In addition, enjoy the festivities and traditions.

What can you do in each?

In ALQUEVA NATURAL you will enjoy

  • WATER, the Great Lake Alqueva and reservoirs allow you to implement many nautical and water sports such as canoeing, kayaking, hiking and boating, sailing, waterball, fishing, photography from the water, swimming in the beach…
  • GROUND, in ecotourism routes to discover the flora (orchids path and rose of Alexandria), mycotourism, photographic safaris and nature ornithology, nature trails mountain bike Guadiana, gymkhanas multiadventure in nature, orientation in the middle natural, guided by brokers ecofluviales routes…
  • AIR, try tandem paragliding flying the Sierra de Alor, the meadows, rivers, reservoirs, and the SPA, to skim water from a Great Lake Alqueva triker (powered paragliding), to watch birds or stars from surprising places and in one of the clearest skies of Spain.


  • The Extremadura pastureland and Brave Bull: visits to farms and ranches to know and discover the breeding and care of the bull in a unique ecosystem. Agritourism activities and experiences for farming, guided by the hand of the farmer or overseer visits herraderos, corral, capeas…

In CULTURAL ALQUEVA you will surprise…

  • Know the culture of our peoples with visits to heritage resources (castles, medieval towns, religious and folk architecture …), cultural tours, visits to craft industries, visiting a farm of purebred Spanish horses, horseback riding, exhibits mounts …
  • Enjoy irresistible culinary offerings that include visits to pastures, visits to farms and Iberian pig farms producing Iberian, Iberian tastings, meals jackets, winery tours, tastings … and options that fuses Extremadura and Portuguese cuisine.
  • Live parties, events and more established traditions of our peoples, as Iberian Bull Fair Olivenza, Carnivals, Conferences of Transboundary gurumelo in Villanueva del Fresno, the Mastros Alconchel or the Feast of Fish Chels.

Come to Alqueva Natural Theme Park! An amazing journey awaits you.

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