Alqueva Natural Theme Park

Top 25 unique experiences in Alqueva Natural Theme Park

20 January, 2014


  1. The suggestive flight of the cranes in winter and their distinctive singing as they fly to their sleeping places.
  2. Get on a canoe to go over the cross-border waters of the Great Lake of Alqueva.
  3. Go cycling in one of the eco-fluvial corridors of the Park and enjoy the nature.
  4. View the extraordinary landscapes of the eco-fluvial corridors of the Park on an eco-tourism route.
  5. Feel a rush of adrenalin by paragliding from the Sierra of Alor or by taking off from a triker beside the Great Lake of Alqueva.
  6. A stroll through the stars: you can enjoy one of the best skies in Spain, observing the stars from the Great Lake of Alqueva, from a castle, from the top of a mountain or from the middle of the pastureland.
  7. Watch the birds which inhabit the Park from a boat or from one of the viewing points.
  8. Go on a boat on the Great Lake of Alqueva, enjoying its calm waters and the magnificent views.
  9. Discover the native flora in the Park such as the orchids and rose of Alexandria (rare and hard to find in Spain), going on a hiking route through the Sierra of Alor.
  10. Take part in the search for, picking and tasting of the delicious gurumelo, a highly-valued mushroom typical of the area.
  11. Go on an exciting 4×4 safari through the pastureland and reach the most spectacular places in the Park.
  12. Visit the Dehesas de Jerez SPA, the eco-fluvial corridors and reservoirs to observe and photograph the most characteristic birds in the lands around the Great Lake of Alqueva.
  13. Spend a day fishing on the Great Lake of Alqueva or in some of the reservoirs and streams of the Park.


  1. Feel a thrilling emotion by visiting a farm and seeing the fighting bull in its natural habitat.
  2. Enjoy the landscape of the Extremaduran pastureland, learning about its true meaning.
  3. Experience the tradition and passion of the bull at the Iberian Bull Fair in Olivenza.


  1. Allow yourself to be transported to another age in a stroll through the streets of the mediaeval town of Olivenza.
  2. Enjoy a wonderful adventure inside the castle of Alconchel and the Las Fortalezas Interpretation Centre.
  3. Try the delicious home-made pastries of Olivenza, especially the delicious técula mécula.
  4. Taste some of the most typical dishes of Extremaduran and Portuguese cooking in our restaurants.
  5. Get to know the traditions of our towns in the Natural Theme Park by visiting the González Santana Ethnographical Museum in Olivenza.
  6. Visit the patrimonial heritage of our towns, the legacy of the history and battles between the Spanish and Portuguese, which have marked the development of these lands.
  7. Taste a delicious plate of river fish from Cheles beside the Great Lake of Alqueva.
  8. Aprender de la mano de un ganadero cómo se realiza la cría del cerdo ibérico en una de las dehesas más singulares.
  9. Learn first-hand from a farmer how an Iberian pig is bred on one of the unique pasturelands.
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