Alqueva Natural Theme Park

Bellotas, Bravo, Grusa, Barbo and Zampa are the mascots of the Alqueva Natural Theme Park. They will accompany you in all the activities and alternatives to enjoy in the Park. You will see them over the whole area and in all the businesses which form part of the Park. They will show you the main things to do in the Park in a pleasant and friendly way and they will share your moments of pleasure and amusement like one more member of the family.

Remember to ask for the educational notebooks of the Alqueva Natural Theme Park in the establishments you will find here.



How are you, my friends? I’m Bravo! I’ve lived in these lands for a long time. I’m called “Bravo” (the fighter), but actually I’m rather quiet, especially if people leave me alone. I don’t like enclosed spaces. I usually go to the village every year during the holidays, but where I really like to be is on the pastureland, in the shade of an oak tree. It’s so beautiful, so green and it provides fruit so rich that I like to stay there.

I love eating, running and showing my great strength and character.

I love it when people come to visit me, provided they don’t get in my way. The free time I have is spent doing what I like doing most: sports! A big strong guy like me has to eat healthy food and get plenty of exercise.



Hi! I’m Bellotas, an “acorn” animal. I live on the pastureland of Extremadura, which is where I was born. I have many brothers and sisters and we always play among the holm oaks, cork oaks or in any old puddle where we can refresh ourselves. Nearby there is a large reservoir which does a lot for us, the Alqueva, where we go when it’s really hot.

We love acorns, especially me, which is where my name comes from, but we can’t eat them all year, so I stuff myself during the fattening season.

I must have a lot of style because, wherever I go, people say they even like the way I walk. I don’t know why that is, but I am quite natty, I admit it. We tend to eat in the best restaurants, although I’m still a bit young for that. So you still have the chance to get to know me a bit better in the Alqueva Natural Theme Park.



Hi everyone! My name is Grusa and I come from far away. I usually come to the Alqueva Natural Theme Park in winter, because it’s much better here. I grew up in northern Europe and there they told me about this wonderful place. Since then, I fly here every year on holiday, to fish, to play, to have fun, I love it. The perfect place is the Great Lake of Alqueva. It’s like a huge sea surrounded by a beautiful natural environment.

What I most like is to fly over the water and castles and see the pastureland from above. You can’t imagine how beautiful things are from up there. Whenever I can, I take a camera to take pictures from above or I borrow one from my friend Bellotas. Here I have some friends I usually go for a swim with, or we splash around a bit during the day and watch the stars at night.



Hi friends! I’m Barbo and I live in the Great Lake of Alqueva. I came here when I was a little fish, from the source of the Guadiana, but then I went to other waters because I wanted to see the world.

A few months ago I got tired of that and I decided to stop going from one place to another and stay in my home, the Great Lake of Alqueva. Even though I’ve been to amazing places and met many people in my adventures, nowhere have I seen the magic and fun that I can find in the Alqueva Natural Theme Park. That’s why I came back.

I am a very sociable fish and, at the same time, I like cooking, so I’m always preparing a meal or special dinner for my friends. My speciality: cross-border cuisine.

They say I’m ok in the kitchen, although I regard myself as a great cook. Encouraged by my friends in the Park, I’ve opened a small restaurant which has been very successful.



Hi! My name is Zampa (Greedy)  and, like the good otter I am, I spend all day in the water. I’m very vain and I always like to look perfect. I always get wet so that I look nice. Talking of getting wet, my favourite waters are those of the Great Lake of Alqueva, because they’re very clean and diving into them is an incredible pleasure, though occasionally I also like to go for a walk to see my friends at the Alqueva Natural Theme Park.

I have a weakness for sweets. I scoff them down. I love sweets, candies and chewing gum. I like everything that comes my way, but I keep my great figure thanks to the sport I do, especially swimming.

I regard myself as a good swimmer (in fact I’ve been a professional swimmer) and I’ve taken part in and won many championships. Now I just swim for pleasure, but I have fun like never before in this fantastic place.

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