Alqueva Natural Theme Park

Alqueva Natural Theme Park is a unique place where you can enjoy nature, the cultures of two countries and the largest lake in Europe.

You will be captivated by the beauty of the landscapes and the Special Area for Protection of Birds (SPA). Here you will get the chance to see different birds, walk along riverbanks, discover wonderful flora, visit the Extremadura dehesa.

You can fish and do all kinds of other activities on the waters of the lake, explore the castles and medieval towns, go paragliding, set out on a photography safari, learn about Spanish and Portuguese culture, enjoy the regional gastronomy in the restaurants, on the dehesa, in the wine cellars and savour a cuisine reflecting the Extremaduran and Portuguese cultures, to mention just a few of the activities you can enjoy in the park.

Bellotas, Bravo, Grusa, Barbo and Zampa are the mascots of the Alqueva Natural Theme Park. They will accompany you in all the activities on offer in the Park.

You just have to choose which of the three areas you would like to start with:



Here you will find all the nature activities you can take part in either on land, on the water or in the air.



You will be amazed by the unique activities related to the Extremaduran dehesa pastureland and the breeding of the fighting bull in its natural habitat.



Discover the historical heritage of our towns, the cultures of the neighbouring countries which look out onto the Great Lake of Alqueva and their particular gastronomy. You will also enjoy the popular festivals and traditions.

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